Mite isn’t your traditional label. Instead of a company out to make money, we are company out to network the process of making music and music making friends. Mite members are those who want to join us in that process.


We join in this process by sharing our services, equipment and varying levels of expertise with each other. There are no contractual entitlements but instead a mutual intent for old fashioned good will. To this end, intent to share our resources is the attitude of our members. The reality of this will be dependent upon availability, but the intent and prioritization will depend on how well each member self-advocates and networks within our memberships. We want our musicians to work together and be curious and invested in each others processes.


Because we aren’t setup with a goal of generating revenue, but we still have services that we make available, running Mite Records can be costly. We use services and equipment that generate very little cash flow but help us live the lives as artists that we want to. The potential to share these services is a large aspect of our membership dues. $100 a year helps create access to working technology (including ipads, mics, etc.), storage, mixing, website and distribution. As part of our services, we also take 30% of profits that come from distribution channels. As this is only pennies of every dollar sold in online sales we view this as fair. Beyond this, anything you do with your music that we don’t distribute, we ask for a 25% share of. Below is a breakdown of costs:

When used effectively, there are 3 basic benefits to our Membership dues:
1. $100 a year in standard Membership fees helps Mite provide:
-Access to online mixing software
-Access to distribution to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music
-Access to a webpage at
-Access to networking with other members and their equipment

2. 25% of all non-distributed income as a Mite Records act (Gigs, Concerts, Merch, Bandcamp Subscriptions, etc.).

3. 30% of all distributed profit (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.).

As stated above, all benefits are subject to availability and membership advocacy. Mite Records is not promising access to any benefits. Mite Records will work for its members to receive the full potential benefits of their membership… but you will have to put in the effort to network and use your time wisely as an artist.


Mite Records doesn’t have Artists in the traditional sense. What we have is a name and tools that can help you be an artists at little cost, while helping you to grow a network of like minded and discipline people. Because this is a mentality, access to these is initiated by Membership dues, however, there is no contract. This is a goodwill handshake arrangement.

Mite Records doesn’t demand anything from its Members. It does expect them to act in good faith. The things which Mite Records has control over, including its distribution channels and recordings will be available to Mite Records in perpetuity.

However, Mite Records owns nothing. Mite members always retain 100% of their song ownership. They may, also, take their songs and their recordings and release them elsewhere with no hassle. That being said, Mite will retain the right to distribute any recordings made using a Mite Records membership period and will still continue to pay that artist the 70% of their profits after that period is concluded.