Mite Records is a label in the sense that it helps artists through the journey of writing, to distribution. It is not a label in the sense of ownership or contracts. In this way, it would be more like a music making club.


Mite is has an ingrained biblical perspective. Though non-Christians may become Members, Membership is not guaranteed, nor will it be extended to those whose music violates biblical perspectives, no matter their religious claims.


Because Mite has no contracts, membership has no absolute guarantees. However, due to this structure, beyond direct control over distribution… Mite also has no guarantees that mutual goodwill will have Members contributing their portions of non-distributed sales. Sometimes, you gotta have faith in your fellow man.


Mite doesn’t give refunds for Membership dues. The $100 a year fee helps us run the label, but also provides Members incentive to use their membership wisely. If a Member pays their fee, but does not network or pursue other members or services within their membership, Mite is not responsible for that. Art is a marathon and not a sprint. The Membership is less about the product and more about the journey. Their is not a universal speed and product outcome within a year. However, we aim to help every member make their membership worthwhile and valuable.