Mite Records is a barely visible and tiny independent record label in Portland, Oregon. When it comes to being a musician or a family man, we don’t feel people should have to choose. We are all “spare time,” musicians who love making music but have more “responsible” uses for our time and money. Together, we grow each other in writing, production and performance to create the art of music in simple but satisfying ways which we share to the world.

Our music is largely produced on cost effective devices like iPads, in acoustically productive arenas, like churches, rather than studios and with low entry cost software like Garageband. Instead of using costly services and campaigns to spread the word about our music, we rely on effective and reliable low cost services like Bandcamp and Distrokid to get our music to the masses.


We view our label as a platform for time constrained, but sincere artists to learn making music work for them. Instead of running our independent label like a music making machine, we opt for a more community based learning feel. The way we accomplish this is through memberships. Each member gains access to our help with the entire process of self-producing on a budget. This includes Mite teaching and helping with Garageband for mixing, Final Touch and Final Touch for Mastering and Distrokid for distribution. We also provide help with building skills in Photo and Designer programs to create unique cover art and branding. Beyond this, members are apt to share their equipment for use in recording tracks and albums as well as in collaborating in learning to write music. Our goal is an affordable and holistic community of makers who are invested in each others storytelling success. For $100 a year, a Mite Member can invest in their own musical journey by utilizing our services and other members for their knowledge, their skill sets and equipment.


When Mite Records distributes the music of our members, we only receive 30% of profit of sales. A company like Apple takes a standard 30% off the top of all sales. Spotify pays you .000 cents on the dollar. At the end of the day, for a $1 track sold on iTunes, Mite only gets $.21. For all the services that we provide and equipment we give you access to, this will not even begin to pay to keep our lights on. So we think it is a reasonable arrangement for our artists. This isn’t where real money is made anyway.

The real possibility for income and the one that best fits our want for artists to be dedicated to their craft is that of subscriptions. Mite will help you learn the process of maintaining a fanbase that subscribes to seeing you produce what you love. Our ask is that non-Mite distributed channels, such as Bandcamp or private shows give 25% of their profit back to the label in exchange for what it took to get concert ready and merch ready. This is a good faith arrangement. Every Artists always retains 100% of their ownership and royalties of their music. There are no contracts, just an old fashioned handshake deal to work together to create good music.

Beyond this, we always welcomes our artists to grow beyond the scope of what we can provide. Members are welcome to leave Mite Records at anytime, but our hope is that they will stay to invest in the community’s success.

Mite Records is run by Jacob Browning, Josh McGary and Jasmin Pierzina.

If you would like to join our community of “spare time” artists… reach out.